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About the island

Menorca, a surprising Island

Of all the islands of the Balearic Islands archipelago, Menorca is certainly the most protected from a sometime too intrusive tourism. Here, no festive evenings, noise from nightclubs but hundreds of kilometers of coastal paths and wild creeks with a wild attraction.

Although small, the island offers its magnificent landscapes, villages marked by history and many points of interest. On the East and West coasts, you will find numerous beaches, and on the rocky South and Northern coasts, you will also discover numerous creeks and wild rocky inlets still intact.
The largest city of the island is Mao: pleasant and with an interesting museum to visit. Mao is a good starting point especially for excursions by sea. At the other end of the island, the old part of Ciutadella is a must.
Ciutadella is a majestic city endowed with a magnificent cathedral, unique noble palaces, the famous convent of Santa-Clara, as well as interesting megalithic monuments. The Saint John celebration held each year in Ciutadella on the 23rd and 24th of June, is a unique experience. Discover the maze of alleys leading to the most beautiful spots of the city, such as for example, the market.

What to see in Menorca?

Although small, the island doesn’t lack interest !.
You’ll find many beaches on the East and West coasts, and on the South and rocky North one discovers many creeks and inlets that have preserved their wilderness…some of them only accessible by boat or after several hours walking.

The island’s largest town is Mahon : pleasurable and with an interesting museum. It is a good starting point for excursions, especially by sea. .
Do not miss the beautiful beach of Son Bou. At the other end of the island, Ciutadella is a beautiful old city. At the South-West of the island, enjoy the beautiful beaches and inlets of Cals in Turqueta, Galdana, Macarella, Mitjana…
To the North, around Fornells, go for walks on the coastal paths. Amateurs of pre-historical sites are able to see the Talati de Dalt, the d’En Gaumés tower and the torralba d’En Salort.

A car, a good pair of sneakers and you are on your way…!!